Sunday, December 7, 2008


I absolutely love Christmas it is by far my favorite holiday of all. I have all of my Christmas presents picked out for everyone just slowly purchasing. I know Christmas is not suppose to be about gifts, but don't Kidd anyone giving is about gifts and we all love to receive them. I always over do it I can't help it I just like to make people happy.
Justin is coming out for Christmas I was out there for Thanksgiving which was great. Our families are really close I have always thought of his mother as another mother of mine which kind of makes our relationship weird, but we aren't really related not yet anyway :)
This Christmas will be so much fun I just can't wait I am putting the tree up tomorrow I know its kind of late, but we really just have not had much time to do it. Well Merry Christmas hopefully I will get better at this as I go.

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Patrick and Brittany said...

Your blog is turning out way cute! Its fun eh? I will miss ya when you move away. But I am sure you will be better off lol...especially without this drama at work. hehehe