Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I am finally out of school for this semester I am so happy about that it was a very difficult go this time.  Also I am now done with work so on to my new job whatever that may be in California.  Justin comes out for Christmas next Tuesday I am so excited it feels like I haven't seen him in ages and really it will only be three weeks.  
My sister Kayla came home yesterday which is great she lives in California right now about four hours from where I will be living. She has not been home since August so everyone is pretty excited.  Not yet done with Christmas shopping it is way stressing me out. But not as much as the fact that I have not packed one thing for the big move I keep thinking it will be easy, but I'm sure when it comes down to it I will not enjoy the pack. 
 I feel bad because Justin has been working really hard to make sure our house is ready for the big cohabitation and I have just been to busy to do anything, but starting today I should be able to get the ball rolling

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I absolutely love Christmas it is by far my favorite holiday of all. I have all of my Christmas presents picked out for everyone just slowly purchasing. I know Christmas is not suppose to be about gifts, but don't Kidd anyone giving is about gifts and we all love to receive them. I always over do it I can't help it I just like to make people happy.
Justin is coming out for Christmas I was out there for Thanksgiving which was great. Our families are really close I have always thought of his mother as another mother of mine which kind of makes our relationship weird, but we aren't really related not yet anyway :)
This Christmas will be so much fun I just can't wait I am putting the tree up tomorrow I know its kind of late, but we really just have not had much time to do it. Well Merry Christmas hopefully I will get better at this as I go.