Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi everyone so I haven't been on here in forever I totally have spaced this, but also have absolutely no time to work on it.
So I thought I would get on here and update everyone how my life is going.
I am still happily in love with my one and only McDreamy Justin I know corny, but I cant help it.
I finally got a job after forever so far I like it I'm not doing phlebotomy which is sad, but I'm still working with patients in a Dr's office. I am going to school hate my sociology class, but love my persuasive speech class go figure.
I am so excited because I just got my bike ready to go out riding the weather is beautiful here except it can get kind of windy sometimes..
Working on my garden I have had a setback though the cats thought they would have a snack, but all is good way excited to get these vegetables growing yum yum.
I am so excited I will be going to Primm Nevada in a couple weeks to do some drag racing, Justins dad drag races, but not only that he is the current world record holder for the fastest car... Not only do we get to go racing with all of my friends, but my parents are coming so that will be a whole lot of fun oh and craps yeah my favorite thing to do at Primm other than race...
I will try and be better at writing on here, but no promises. I have some new pics as soon as I get them from Justins mom I will put them on here.